Deliciously creamy banana and peanut butter porridge Thermomix recipe

Pimp up your porridge with this delicious banana and peanut butter Thermomix recipe.

Baby, it’s cold outside – very very cold. If there is one thing that can help you get out from under the warm duvet, it is a warm bowl of creamy porridge. That’s why you should make this super quick banana and peanut butter porridge Thermomix recipe. It is the perfect breakfast for people who don’t have much time in the morning.

I play ‘beat the porridge’ – one minute to pop everything in the mixing bowl and turn the Thermomix on, it then takes 12 minutes for this deliciously creamy banana and peanut butter porridge to be ready.

Just enough time for me to get ready (including the shower! Yes I am quick in the morning!) or get the kids into their school uniform, finish last minute’s homework or pop into the local corner shop because one of them has just remembered they have a home economics lesson today.

When I come back to the kitchen, my porridge is perfectly creamy, hot and filling. Just what I need in the morning.

A simple and healthy recipe featuring peanut butter and including bananas into the porridge (as supposed to sliced on top). This is also a perfect way to use up brown bananas.

Low FODMAP, vegetarian & can be Gluten-Free if using the right oats and Vegan too by substituting the milk with your favourite plant milk. This is a great one for the freezer too.

The peanut butter is a brilliant source of extra protein and fat whilst the oats provide an excellent source of slow releasing complex carbohydrates. It will keep you going all morning.

Alternatively, why not try these bananas and oats ‘magic balls’?

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14 thoughts on “Deliciously creamy banana and peanut butter porridge Thermomix recipe

  1. Hi, have you taken down the recipe? Can’t see anything on this page except intro and comments. Not sure if this is supposed to link to it but it doesn’t appear clickable to me. Thanks


  2. Sorry, this is the link I’m referring to which is on this page and not sure if it’s supposed to be the recipe but nothing happens when I click on it. Thanks, May

    [ultimate-recipe id=”4809″ template=”default”]


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